The Dawn

Whenever I am sad;
I just close my eyes and go to a happy place with you.

I guess, I always believed myself to be the hero of our own story.

But of all things I have experienced if I was to answer; there are no heroes, no villians.

Just people doing what’s best for them.

Just tiny people striving to keep their sanity at pace.

None of us have the life we want.

None of us want to lean on.

None of us know why we get exorbitant.

Maybe it’s just the universe, that compels us to behave in a certain way.

But, how can the universe be pulling you towards a thing or a person who looks so pure and perfect at first but end up being a mirage anyway?

But the thing you have to understand that you’re still yourself. You’re still there.

And, life goes on.



I have lived long .
I stand here like a wanderer who lost his way.
To predict the essence of humanity.
But to predict them you have to truly understand them.
That proved to be very difficult indeed.
So I began by Breaking down their lives into moments.
Trying to find the connections.
The things that explained why they did what they did.
And what I found was that the moment that often mattered the most.
The moment when you truly found who they were.
Was often their last one.